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KSI has been providing contract labor services to area industry since 1977. We currently operate four work crews under contract. These crews run production lines, salvage operations, provide general labor, and project management.

Satisfied customers include: Merck Animal Health, Proctor & Gamble Dover Wipes, Kraft Heinz Foods  and Dover Air Force Base.

All crews are supervised by a KSI supervisor, and are managed by our Director of Community Based Operations. Our success with these services is rooted in our philosophy that we want to be problem solvers by managing functions for our customers, rather than just providing labor.

We provide door to door transportation services for all of our workers and we staff two floating substitute supervisors. KSI maintains a fleet of 30 15-passenger vans. Bottom line - we are at work every day, on time, allowing you, the customer, to concentrate on other areas of your business.

Why use KSI's Contract Labor Force?

To eliminate the hassle of recruiting temporary workers.
KSI has semi-skilled workers as well as a large general labor force ready to work for you with very little lead-time required. KSI is responsible for payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, workers compensation insurance, benefits, and liability insurance.

To meet your high standards of quality control.
KSI is proud of our ability to meet even the toughest of quality control standards.

To learn more about KSI's contracted labor services, contact:
Jayson Crouch
Chief Execuive Officer
301 N. Rehoboth Blvd.
Milford, DE 19963
302-422-4014 ext. 3007
Email: crouchj@ksiinc.org