Embrace Abilities!
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General Program Information
Inclusion-it's what everyone wants. And for people with ­disabilities overcoming barriers to inclusion, both in the workplace and within the community, it means embracing their considerable ­abilities to reach their own life goals.

KSI has helped individuals and employers embrace abilities since 1962, more than 56 years. Its mission is to provide person-centered supports to assist people with disabilities in the pursuit of their potential in employment and meaningful participation in their communities.
Serving nearly 300 participants annually, KSI develops individualized plans and programs to help people with disabilities reach their community-integrated employment and inclusion goals. Participants gain useful skills, strong self-confidence and ability for richer and more independent lives.

Living with disabilities may have its challenges. But those challenges don't preclude choices in life.

Since its inception, KSI has endeavored to provide person-centered services to help individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) exercise their choices to the best of their abilities, whether their goals include community-based employment or simply finding more independence and participation in their community.

From day one in KSI's programs, individuals are assisted in defining and attaining their choice for their life, including what program best suits their choice.

Skill Development Center Pre-Vocational Services
Through its Prevocational programs, KSI provides person-centered training to help individuals with diverse needs, abilities and interests understand and meet the challenges of real employment. Prevocational training includes volunteer activities, contract production work and supported employment opportunities to progressively gain the skills to meet workplace expectations.
Preparing for the workplace includes:
• Step-by-step training for development of employment and personal skills
• Volunteer opportunities to reinforce work skills
• Real-world work experiences, either in KSI's Skill Development Center or on community-based work crews
• Conditioning for the expectations and abilities needed for desired employment

Community-based Work Service Programs
KSI provides part-time and full-time work crews to?perform ongoing projects at our customers' facilities. These crews are truly-integrated opportunities in which individuals with disabilities can apply and grow their employment skills. And with KSI community-based employment, businesses gain dedicated employees and uniquely-effective solutions to their staffing needs.

Follow-along Program (Supported Employment)
Individuals with disabilities who seek greater independence can use KSI's help to find, apply and train for jobs within the community. KSI Employment Specialists develop ­customized jobs, matching employees to meet employers' needs. And KSI provides support for success throughout the individual's entire term of employment. KSI also provides Early Start to Supported Employment for young people transitioning out of school, helping them find jobs more quickly.

The ultimate goal of Pre-Vocational training is independent community-based employment. Supported Employment includes:
• Community work assessment of abilities and?employment?goals
• Skill building for employment choice
• Job development to match abilities
• Job application and onsite training when hired
• Ongoing support to help employee and employer succeed

Life Enrichment Program
If work is not an individual's choice, KSI is an authorized Day Habilitation Service Provider, meeting participants' community inclusion needs in ways that most benefit them. Day Habilitation aids individuals in self discovery and empowers them for meaningful participation in their communities. Day Habilitation includes skill-building activities, volunteer opportunities and ways for participants to access and contribute to their communities.

Individuals not focused on employment can achieve more independence in the community through:
• Gaining and maintaining ability for self-care, safety, socialization and participation
• Self-discovery through inclusion in community trips, clubs,?classes, cultural engagements and other lesson-centered?activities
• Community volunteer opportunities in which they can gain?skills and contribute

The KSI Life Enrichment program is also accessible for activity-based retirement.

ABI Day Habilitation
KSI offers a specialized, non-medical Day-Habilitation program tailored for those recovering from Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) that includes:
• Peer support from others dealing with ABI recovery
• Socialization and reintroduction into community settings?and?activities
• Volunteer opportunities to participate and contribute
• Support to reach assistive meetings and resources