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KSI Presents 62 Certificates for January Perfect Attendance
2/26/2020 - KSI presented 62 certificates to individuals with perfect attendance in January. 
Photo caption:  KSI recognized 62 individuals for having perfect attendance in January.  Some individuals do not appear in this photo as they were at other locations.
Alphabetically recognized are:  Dale Adams, Gary Allen, Samsun Anthony, James Ater, Destiny Bailey, Tevon Baines, Roy Baker, Angelina Barnes, Megan Behornar, Mellissa Bronson, Andre Brown, Robert Bullock, Arthur Bunting, Patrick Butler, John Cadle, Kyle Cahall, Brianna Carter, Patrick Clendaniel, Brian Cummings, Laura Davis, Susan Dorow, Judith Downing, Mike Elliott, Amy Ellis, Sean Evans, Lucas Fisher, June Fluharty, Steven Forshey, Richard Fretz, Teresa Fullman, Damien Gynegrowsky, John Henning, James Hood, Eric Johnson, Inez Johnson, James Johnson, Todd Johnson, Julio Jordan, Anthony Katcher, Erika Klase, Kevin Kramer, Thomas Kreller, William Labelle, Kathy Lester, Willie Lopez, Noah Maddox-Bell, Jerome Matthews, Steven Miller, Maurice Mizell, Evelyn Moore, Darlene Murray, Charles Nabb, Colby Pardee, Herman Paynter, Trevon Pressley, Jeffrey Purdy, Catherine Schaeffer, Michael Schiappa, Jason Sitler, Chris Smith, Sharon Smithson, and eff Townsend.
KSI is a private, not for profit agency providing vocational training, employment, supported employment, community integration, transportation, day habilitation, life enrichment, and nutritional services to individuals with disabilities in Kent and Sussex Counties.  KSI is committed to making all reasonable accommodations, in order to ensure that our programs and services are as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible.  For more information about KSI, call Alicia Hollis at 302-422-4014 ext. 3015, or visit our website at www.ksiinc.org.  Like us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/ksiworks.